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The fastest innovative lunch in your city!


On top of our values -

speed, quality, freshness,

innovations & good price.


SPEED. Our unique smart ordering system allows you to enjoy delicious your day's lunch quickly. You don't need to stand in queues or wait for the ordered food - your lunch a few clicks away -we  prepare your order while you pay.

QUALITY & FRESHNESS. We do not agree with the statement that you can get fast lunch in unhealthy way only. We cook our dishes only from fresh and carefully selected products. Our experienced chefs  are happy to work hard  to satisfy all the client's needs. We do not use any artificial additives, we only use natural and fresh products. Every day we are waiting our clients with different meniu - we offer Italian, Mexican, barbecue, American and traditional dishes. We think about all of our customers: we have vegetarian dishes on our meniu as well -two types of different salads daily , potatoes and flour dishes.

INNOVATIONS. Fast city life rhythms and the  growing importance of technology inspired us to use smart technologies to save more time and improve our customer experience in our  restaurants. Here you will find cozy, light, modern interior and  innovative fast payment system.

GOOD PRICE. All mentioned above has been combined at an affordable and  attractive price for lunch. There is no need for you to cook or prepare your lunch box every morning. Have your fast, quality and inexpensive lunch  at "iLunch" restaurant.

The fastest innovative restaurants in Vilnius



"iLunch" is a network of modern lunch restaurants within innovative concept .

Our team is united by the goal of being the best.

We are currently  looking for responsible, hard working people who love food:

Executive chef


Dishwasher / cleaner

Food delivery manager

Food delivery Partner

Restaurant Administrator

We offer interesting work and friendly staff, career opportunities, convenient working hours, food discounts, convenient  working locations.


More information ±37061325357

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Restaurants working hours:

I-V  11-15 h.


Goštauto str. 40A 

+370 64063959

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